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ISTEP problems seem to be over

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After several days of statewide issues, ISTEP testing is apparently back on track.

A state Department of Education spokesperson says schools reported minimal interruptions on Thursday. The EVSC says things ran smoothly on Wednesday and Thursday, but for a second day in a row, the Indiana Department of Education asked school to take a precaution just in case and asking them to only let half the students take the test at a time.

Marsha Jackson with the EVSC says that was requested of schools to reduce the load of the network being used. Jackson tells 14 News that some EVSC schools took Wednesday off from testing and some are choosing not to resume testing until Monday.

She says all schools in the corporation have their own testing schedule and don't always test all day every day during the testing period. That period is being extended by two days because of these issues. She says everything seems to be going okay.

"I think that while we as adults got a little stressed out over it, I think that many of the children did just fine with it," says Jackson. "It's frustrating, but they're over it pretty quickly."

Testing is set to continue Friday across the state and the Indiana Department of Education is once again asking schools to lower the number of students testing by about half.

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