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County Commissioners to discuss wheeling in wheel surtax increase

Happening Thursday night in Warrick County, commissioners will discuss increasing the wheel surtax.

So what does this mean for taxpayers?

"That money would come in and help us with roads and sidewalks and you know, fixing out streets," said Town Manager Lori Buehlman.

Buehlman says the town needs as much road repair funding as it can get.

"As you know, property tax caps back in 2008 has limited dollars coming into small towns," she said. "We always have a list of streets that need attention."

"We live in a county where the weather affects the roads, hot cold, hot, cold, freezes, thaws and we have roads that turn to sponge and are literally being destroyed," said County Commissioner Don Williams. 

Williams says increasing the wheel surtax to what it was in 2000 is the answer.

"What we're talking about is when people renew their license plates it would cost them between 15 and 25 dollars a year more," he said.

That depends on the make and year of your car, so for example, if you drive a car that is older that 2006, it might not cost you anything.

Williams says without the wheel surtax, Warrick is not eligible for the $2 million loan, which is interest free and good for 10 years.

He says this has worked for other counties.

"Like Perry County, every ten years they apply for this, they get it, and they have really great roads and we're just asking for the ability to do that," said Williams.

Commissioners will meet tonight at 7:15 at the Boonville courthouse.

We have a crew there and will let you know what happens tonight on 14 News at 10.

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