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Roberts Park gets $150,000 boost from Welborn Baptist Foundation

The demolition of Roberts Stadium and it's parking lot is almost finished.

Now city officials are looking ahead to the future of Roberts Park.

The construction equipment is still out there, but the hole from where the stadium once stood is just a few feet from being filled in. By the end of next week, the plan is to start seeding and strawing the are a so grass can start growing.

As the planning phase for Roberts Park beings, the city will have some welcomed financial help. In 2012, the Welborn Baptist Foundation received a $3-million federal grant. They're giving the city $150,000 of that grant to develop a master plan for Roberts Park.

The mayor says preliminary drawings and designs of what the park may look like should be ready later in the month or early next month and this grant money means fewer tax dollars will need to be spent as the project moves ahead.

"I think as people drive down the Lloyd Expressway, they look over and see this empty field," says Mayor Lloyd Winnecke. "They know that in just a matter of days, it'll be seeded and there will be straw on top of that. They know that grass is not too far behind. I think that people are going to start to see and understand the vision a little better and I think they'll really start to embrace the concept of the park even more than they already have."

The executive director of the Welborn Baptist Foundation says he sees this as a 'once in a generation' opportunity. Mayor Winnecke says they plan to have some public meetings in July to show the preliminary designs for the park.

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