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'Tis the Season!'

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‘Tis the season in Gibson County! 

The farmers, who have been waiting for their over saturated fields to dry for many weeks, have finally deemed them suitable for planting their corn.

The Gibson County farmers normally plant their corn at the end of April or at the beginning of May but, because they have planted their corn so early for the past three years, they feel that they should have planted their corn earlier this year.

Although they were busy in the fields today, the success of their crops also depends on the weather.  If the weather chooses to cooperate, it appears that they will still be able to harvest the expected amount of corn.

Jay Sensmeier, a local farmer, reflects on the events of last year's harvest.

"We thought we were off to our best year ever," said Sensmeier.  "We got to plant the corn early and everything came up but then the rain just shut off.  We kept thinking we were going to get that next rain and we did not get anything."

The timing is extremely important but the weather conditions are often beyond the farmer's control.

"When you work with Mother Nature like farmers do, you have to take what you get," said Sensmeier, "and, if you get an opportunity early, your best bet is to take it."

The farmers of Gibson County saw an opportunity today and they did take it.  Now, however, they have to trust in Mother Nature.

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