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Hopkins Co. students get up-close look at bullying

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Students at Browning Springs Middle School got an up-close look at bullying and the people who fall victim to it everyday. 

160,000 students stay home every year from school to avoid being bullied. One man is touring schools nationwide to teach victims how to deal with bullying.

Brooks Gibbs is the author of Love is Greater Than Hate, an Amazon top 10 bestseller. He has also been featured in People Magazine and The Washington Post. 

On Wednesday, he spoke to students at Browning Springs Middle School on how victims of bullying feel.

"If you say that they're ugly, don't like them, or stuff like that, you don't know if they go home at night thinking about that stuff," 8th grader, Tyrese Mosby says.

"People are jerks, people are not nice, so why don't we help the kid who really needs our help, the victim. I'll teach him how to respond to his enemies, instead of waiting on the world around him to change," Gibbs says.

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