Will the weekend be a washout across the Tri-State ?

Rain is lining up along and behind a cold front to our west.  This front will push into the Tri-State beginning Thursday afternoon and continuing through early Saturday.  Showers and a few thunderstorms will light up the radar from Thursday evening through Sunday.  Here is a look at the current surface map…you can see the front and associated clouds in the Dakotas and into Iowa.


The hour-by-hour data shows rain covering much of southern Illinois and extending into southern Indiana by Friday afternoon.

   The 48-hour rainfall data shows around a half-inch of rain accumulation by Friday night.


The HPC 5-day rainfall forecast generates a couple of inches of rain over the next 4 days.  This will be spread out enough that flooding should not be an issue for any of the Tri-State.  The weekend won't be a washout, but rain will be a good bet both Saturday and Sunday during the day.