Cupcake time!

Hooray!  I have a rare chance to slip out of here before 6pm, and I'm gonna take it!!!  Today I only had one story air—at 5—instead of the usual 2 or 3.  That's because I spent the entire morning working on a story that will air NEXT week.  This is another special report since we are now in "sweeps", one of our ratings months.  It's been nice not running around much today, I will say that much!

My story at 5 was a follow up to a great feel-good piece I first put together last year.  Remember this cutie pie?  Paige Miller is a 3rd grader at Caze, and for the second year in a row she's organizing "Paige's Cupcakes for Cancer", a fundraiser to help cancer patients.

Paige, her mom and a lot of volunteers who work at Caze will be using the school's kitchen to bake dozens and dozens of cupcakes.  Proceeds will go to the Deaconess Foundation.  Last year the Foundation used that money ($1200) to buy comfort items for patients receiving treatment.  This year, Paige and her mom hope to double that dollar amount!  I think they'll do it!  I know I'm going to be ordering some cupcakes!  Love stories like this!

Well, that's all she wrote today.  Going to head on a walk in the sunshine while I can, but I'll be back tomorrow! :)

Until next time,