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Internet back on after Insight-Time Warner experiences major outage

If your internet connection was giving you a headache on Wednesday, you're not alone. The switch from Insight to Time Warner Cable began with a few hiccups. 

Time Warner officials said they began migrating customers with the last names A through K. But when customers registered with Time Warner Cable, they still couldn't get connected. 

Time Warner said there was a bug in the system that prevented customers from gaining access. Officials said the switch from Insight to Time Warner was huge and this was a small problem in the larger process.

But as many of us live and die by checking emails and Facebook, Wednesday was a particularly important day for one man to be connected.

"I went online this morning. It's my 52nd birthday, and one thing we like to do on our birthday is check Facebook and see all of our Happy Birthdays, connections from family, and everything. In the process of doing that, I lost everything," customer John Gentil said. "A large company like Time Warner should have seen this coming. I really think they would have saw it coming and it would have been a smooth change."

Time Warner told 14 News that the problem was resolved by about noon on Wednesday  and they will continue with the migration of the other half of their customers Thursday. 

If you're still having internet, cable or phone issues, you can call Time Warner.

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