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Actress Candice Bergen making movie about her late father

A spokeswoman for Candice Bergen says the actress is producing a film about her late father, famed ventriloquist Edgar Bergen.

Spokeswoman Heidi Schaeffer said Tuesday that the big-screen project will be based on Candice Bergen's 1984 memoir, "Knock Wood." The film will tell the story of Bergen's father, who made a celebrity out of his ventriloquist's wood dummy named Charlie McCarthy.

In a statement, "Murphy Brown" star Bergen said her father was eclipsed by Charlie, who got the best lines while Edgar Bergen played straight man.

Edgar Bergen died in 1978 at 75. Charlie McCarthy found a home at the Smithsonian Institution.

A release date for the movie, titled "Charlie McCarthy," was not announced. Candice Bergen is working with screenwriter Barbara Turner and producers James Francis Trezza and Pam Widener.

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