Yay for nice weather!

Nice weather.  It is finally here!!!  And this makes me very, very happy.  Not only do I look forward to taking walks outside in the evening and leaving my long sleeves at home, I also am very excited to no longer shiver while shooting video or almost lose feeling in my fingers while knocking on doors!  Ha!  Hooray!!!  Now I just need to remember to put some sunscreen in my work bag.  I always end up getting a terrible tan line from my short sleeve shirts! :)

Well, let's see, what happened yesterday (since I neglected to write)?  I think the day was pretty uneventful, for the most part, and I'll take that on a Monday.  It ended with a marathon City Council meeting.  I had been there close to two hours (most of it AFTER my shift) and had to cut before it ended.  There comes a point sometimes when you just have to set work aside and go home!  Ha!  I did have a very nice chat with two of the Vanderburgh Co. Sheriff's deputies working security at the Civic Center, however.  One of them I thought I recognized as one of the fighters in the Guns & Hoses boxing event a few weekends ago.  I asked him if he had two black eyes last week when I saw him in court (yep, that was him) and put it all together, haha!  I've said it before, but it's so nice to have a good relationship with those folks who I see so often going in and out of that building!

Today somehow ended up feeling busier than I think it was.  I'm not exactly sure why that happened, except that I spent some time writing a web article that's not factored in my normal day.  Reported on all the ISTEP issues schools are dealing with.  Perhaps the old "fill in the bubble" option from back in my day wasn't so bad, after all??

I just realized I have to run home to get my clothes for yoga before class, so I'm cutting this short!  Have a wonderful evening!

Until next time,