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New Harmony hoping state can help fix flooding problems


New Harmony is working on an overhaul of their storm sewers because heavy rain often creates flooding issues for some residents. 

Town Council President Joe Straw says that when it rains, water will flood a four-block area of town. He says it will cost just under $700,000 to fix the storm sewers, along with open ditches that are causing problems.

For the second year, New Harmony is submitting an application for state grant funds. It would cover $500,000 of the project, which Straw says would come as a big relief. 

"There's a lot of houses that get water underneath them, in their basements. Some of them on their streets, Steam Mill Street, away from Steam Mill heading down to Park Street. The park floods," Straw says. 

There has been some confusion about whether the storm sewer project would interfere with the trail system, but Straw says they can co-exist. The sewers will have to go in first though, and that's a project that will take some time.

"It took quite a few years to get where we're at right now and for the grants to open up that we could apply for. So that's another thing you have to wait on, too. We're way out there," Straw says.

New Harmony is now waiting to hear back about the grant. That would fund most of the project. If it's awarded, the project wouldn't be completed until 2015.

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