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OFD prepares for Blue Bridge Closure

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It's not just motorists and downtown businesses in Owensboro that are getting ready for the closure of the Blue Bridge. The Owensboro Fire Department is also preparing. 

Billy Wilson has been a firefighter for the Owensboro Fire Department for twelve years.

"I like the challenge. It's something different every day. You never know. You'll be sleeping one minute and fighting a fire the next," said Lt. Billy Wilson, an Owensboro Firefighter.

Crews will begin painting the Blue Bridge in a few weeks and the Owensboro Fire Department is training at the Owensboro City Parking Garage in case one of the workers finds themselves in trouble. 

"We can't shut the bridge down to do this training so we're doing the next best thing here in downtown Owensboro," said Michael Quinn, a firefighter with the Owensboro Fire Department. "There are high risk, low frequency events and we need to be prepared to work in a high angle emergency and that's what we're doing here today."

Ten firefighters from three shifts are learning a system that will be used in case of an emergency. Quinn says Monday's training will help prepare firefighters not only for a rescue on the blue bridge, but for other rescues in the city.

"Owensboro is a growing community. We have a lot of high rises going up in the downtown area...the new hospital...the convention center downtown. Any type of high angle emergency we need to prepare to work on these structure."

The Owensboro Fire Department's next training will be this week at the Owensboro Health Regional Hospital. Firefighters will be learning the layout of the building and figuring out different response routes from different fire stations in Owensboro.

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