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Local fire fighters climbing for fighters who died in 9/11 attacks

Local firefighters remembering those who did not make it home on September 11th.

Over 300 firefighters were unable to complete their mission on September 11th. Now, two Central City firefighters join an entire nation who climb in their memory.

"You didn't take three steps without hearing someone 'come on brother, you can do it,'" said Corey Fields with the Central City Fire Department.

Fields, and Matt Shingledecker, participate in Memorial Stair Climbs for fallen 9-11 firefighters, with each one represented for the 110 story climb.

This past weekend's competition in Indianapolis marked the one year anniversary of Corey's first climb. Since then, he has lost over 50 pounds and cut his time in half.

"These guys didn't get to compete that climb, they just made it 80 something stories up before the towers fell," he said. "So that's really you know, you kind of feel almost like there you go buddy you made the 110 steps, you know stories."

Each climb raises money for the New York Fire Department Counciling Unit.

Corey and Matt will be climbing again in September in Nashville at the 28 story Tennessee Tower.

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