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Police, community coming together to protect against violence

A brand-new training program is underway in Evansville. It's focused on school and workplace violence. 

The workshop is going on at the Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center, and the idea is to bring members of law enforcement together with people in the community.

About 50 people are participating in the workshop. They're from churches, hospitals, school systems, and businesses and law enforcement agencies as well.

The National Tactical Officers Association is leading things and they say the main focus is dealing with the threat of an active shooter.

They say it's important for those who aren't police officers or sheriff's deputies, like those working in our schools and businesses, to know what to do before officers get there if there is some kind of emergency involving a shooter.

On Monday, groups talked about lessons they've learned from past incidents. They're going to learn what police do in those situations. 

"We want to bring those people together with law enforcement and public safety to help figure out how we can maybe prevent these things from happening and if they do how can we respond better and save lives," says instructor Don Alwes.  

"It made me feel very secure that our teachers are being trained and the students are being trained, or to maybe go, 'Oh we need to review that again,'" says Nancy Mills, the principal at St. Theresa School. "I feel very confident in what we have been doing with our liaison officers, the Evansville Police Department, and what we're doing in our schools."

A workshop leader says things like this can help save so many more people if something happens.

The workshop goes all day again Tuesday. 

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