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Evansville Firefighter Combat Challenge Team earns back-to-back state titles

Firefighter Adam Brock trained in a parking garage for the combat challenge. Firefighter Adam Brock trained in a parking garage for the combat challenge.

Training in a parking garage paid off for the Evansville Firefighter Combat Challenge Team. 

Four members of the team competed over the weekend in Indianapolis at the first challenge of the season. 

The team took 1st place for the second consecutive year. The team score is combined time of the three fastest team members. The first place finish time was 5:04.71.

Adam Brock placed first in the individual runs with a time of 1:32.76. 

When Brock isn't fighting fires and running combat challenges, he's in the ring. Brock won the last match of the Guns and Hoses Boxing Event last week. 

George Madison, also a veteran team member, finished in third place with a time of 1:38.93. Madison joined Brock in the Lion's Den, which is reserved for the elite competitors who can run faster than 100 seconds. 

Marc Schiele finished in 1:53.02.

Rookie Derrick Fullen completed his first challenge with a time of 2:44.16. On the clock, Fullen was more than a minute slower than two teammates, but team leader Joey Jones said that all the guys start out in this range and Fullen is well on his way to cutting time. 

Brock and Madison also finished in first place for the Tandem, for the third year in a row in Indianapolis. Their combined time was 1:18.52.

Jones said costs for the events can add up quickly. If you'd like to make a donation or become a team sponsor, contact Joey Jones at jojones@evansvillefiredepartment.com or call 812-760-4134.

To learn more about the team and to follow their progress, click here. 

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