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Stock up now, Boonville feed mill and farm store closing their doors

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Two Warrick County businesses are closing their doors, despite support from local farmers.

If you come at the feed mill at the Warrick County Co-Op, it's time to stock up.

Both the feed mill and the farm store will be closing their doors in just a few weeks.  

"I like to get my gas here, my vegetable plants and I like to buy my insecticides and my weed killer," Helen Myers said.

Myers knows where everything is located inside the farm store because she's been shopping there for more than 30 years.  

"My husband retired as an employee from Warrick County and he had been there thirty years and he left as an assistant manager and I come here all the time when I need things that I know they have," Myers said.

Myers said it's the hometown store that knows its customers.  

"Everybody's really friendly, they'll pump my gas for me because I'm 86 years old, but I'll really miss that and I hate to see them go," Myers said.

The best part of the farm store the old fashioned gas station which residents say pumps fuel comparable to liquid gold.  

"The gas is really good, my old car really likes it," Myers laughed.

"The gas, I don't even look at the prices, I just buy it because I know it's good gas, it's not watered down and stuff like that," customer Mark Waters said.

Superior Ag, which owns both the feed mill and general store, said the gas station is in a terrible location. But locals, like that it's off the beaten path.  

"I work for the local library here in town, and we come over here and get our fuel sometimes for the mowing and stuff like that so it's going to be an inconvenience for now," Waters said.

Local farmers filled truck beds with feed because the next closest Superior Ag location is in Evansville.  

Superior Ag CEO Barry Day said the two businesses have been losing money for several years. 

The feed mill will close on May 10 and the general store will close on May 17.

Most of the employees will be relocated.

Henry, a familiar face at the general store, said after 28 years, he's happy to be retiring.

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