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'Air cupping' for muscle and joint repair

'Air cupping' has become one of the hottest trends in repairing wear and tear on muscles and joints.

According to Dr. Kirsten Gibbs, the process helps facilitate the healing process by increasing blood flow and loosening up tissue.

"It separates connective tissue, breaking up adhesions," explained Gibbs. "It can break up scar tissue and can loosen tension in tight muscles."

Gibbs says the procedure works well on tight ligaments and around joints to increase range of motion.

Personal trainer LaMaine Williams works out several times a day and makes his body do what most can't.

"I over-train," said LaMaine. "I probably train about three times as much as I should, so it's either cut back on training or come out and get my body work."

He turned to a chiropractor to help repair the wear and tear on his muscles, and she recommended cupping. It's like a vacuum that lifts up the tissue.

The amount of suction varies. Usually a couple inches of flesh is pulled in the cup, but the healing can go as deep as four inches into the body.

Gibbs says it's the increased blood flow that improves cellular health.

"It's also how it picks up waste and toxins and takes it away from the cell," explained Gibbs.

Cupping is not a treatment or a cure for any disease but it does heal ligaments and helps the body recover faster.

Williams gets pumped up every other week in an effort to prevent injury.

"That's huge to me – recovery," said Williams. "Just making sure I'm not out from training---making sure I'm not injured so I don't have to give up any training days."

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