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Youth Talkin' Trash making a difference in Evansville

Hundreds of local students took part in Global Youth Service Day on Saturday in Evansville.

The event aims to teach students important lessons about life and helping the environment. Organizers say this marks the 25th-year for the event worldwide. Students 14 News talked with say they were excited to be a part of it.

"It just hits your mind, like people would do this just to help the Earth," says Mark Turner.

Turner, who's in the seventh-grade, now knows how it feels to be part of a global effort to help the environment mark along with over 500 other students and adults. Everyone broke into 24 groups as part of the 'Youth Talkin' Trash' event.

Organizers say participants picked up trash in four different areas in Evansville, including downtown and Garvin Park.

"It feels great," says Turner. "Usually, you don't have that much of an opportunity to have a lot of people there for you to help you picking up trash."

Anne Statham is the director of USI's Service Learning program and she says this is the third year the program has had a grant to coordinate Youth Service Day events locally. After the trash-pickup, students gathered at the Downtown YMCA to eat lunch and celebrate their service to the Earth.

"Learning through doing and then reflecting on community issues to feel that they can make a difference," says Statham.

This event helps students learn about civic duty and leaderships and also sends an important message. Statham says she's hoping USI and the other organizations involved will continue to hold the event in years to come.

14 News was a sponsor of Saturday's event.

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