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Ohio County Sheriff's Office dives for evidence in murder case

Divers from the Ohio County Emergency Medical Services searched for a piece of evidence on Friday in the Tony Berkley murder case.

"During the course of the investigation on the Berkley case, we received information that there may have been a gun involved. It has come up a couple different times, but it was not substantiated until recently," said Timothy Hatfield with the Ohio County Sheriff's Office.

Officials say Berkley chased his 18-year-old daughter, Melissa, and her 21-year-old boyfriend, Jerry Goodman, after an argument last year.

Investigators say during the chase Goodman crashed his vehicle into the pond. Melissa died at the scene and Goodman died later at the hospital.

Diver Doug Strader and another diver swam across the pond, searching every inch of the bottom. The water was so cloudy, Strader says he could only feel around the bottom as he searched for evidence.

"If there's anything suspicious you just feel and try to determine what it is. If it's something of interest that would be in the shape of what we're looking for we mark it with a buoy," Strader said.

No buoys were bobbing in the water on Friday afternoon. The emergency medical services dive team did not find anything at the bottom of the pond.

"Nothing, but a stump. Some rocks, larger boulders, that's what makes the color of the water is what they're telling me," Strader said.

Berkley is charged with two counts of murder and will go on trial in October.

The sheriff's office says they will continue to follow up on any information that they feel can play an important role in the case.

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