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Wabash River flooding to blame for power outage


Officials expect the Wabash River to crest just above 30-feet late Sunday night.

The high water is partly to blame for a big power outage there. Public Utility officials say they're taking some precautions to help keep customers safe with the high water levels.

Thursday night, Sharon Hale was one of about 5,000 Mt. Carmel Public Utility (MCPU) customers who lost power before 10:00 P.M.

Eric Bramlet with MCPU tells 14 News that a power line running from South Division Street, which is partially under water now, was most likely hit by a floating tree or piece of debris in the river.

"We don't get this big of a flood every year," says Bramlet. "We've only had a couple time like this that we've had a pole knocked down from river debris."

Bramlet also says crews responded to the outage immediately and power was re-routed and customers had power again within an hour. Hale tells us, she's lived near the Wabash River for 35-years and the levee has always kept her neighborhood safe from flood water.

"I'm not scared of it," says Hale. "I've got a boat in the backyard if I need one."

Bramlet says power officials have mapped out river camps and areas that are usually hit hardest by floods and that's just one of the plans in place to make sure everyone is kept safe as the water rises.

Utility officials say crews were examining that fallen power line on Friday.

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