Hero Comes Home

HAPPY FRIDAY!!  Since I neglected my blogging duties yesterday, I must write today, even though I'm very ready to hit the road for home!  :)  Can you blame me on a Friday evening??

It's been a good day though, with a great ending!  1LT. Eric Moffat arrived home tonight at the airport after serving a close to one-year-long deployment in Afghanistan with the Army National Guard.  It was great to see his family, especially his three-year-old son Aiden, welcome him back!  Little man was so very excited! :)

Also, I haven't written yet about another exciting part of my week.  (Or, if I have, my mind's so scattered I don't remember it!)  On Tuesday I visited a 6th grade class at Plaza and a 7th grade class at Mt. Vernon Jr. HS.  I had a great time at both schools and hopefully was able to teach the kids at least a thing or two about life in TV.  I really hammered in the fact that we reporters typically do all the work ourselves, haha!!

Now it's time to gear up for a big event happening tomorrow.  I'm emceeing my first event, the big Youth Talkin' Trash little pick-up in Evansville.  It ties into the 25th annual Global Youth Service Day and should be fun!  Just hoping the rain will leave us alone! :)  Also hoping I don't choke on stage or bore the poor kids to death, haha!  No pressure!!!

Well, that's it for today!  Enjoy the weekend!

Until next time,