Will the weekend be a complete washout in the Tri-State ?

Low pressure will move in from the southwest tonight and bring rain across much of the Tri-State by the evening hours.  Here's a look at the current surface map showing that low and the rain shield extending into western Kentucky:


The models are coming together with a better solution for the forecast this weekend.  They are cranking out a little more rain than yesterday's data showed.  You'll notice that 3+ inches over Madisonville…disregard that figure.  Sometimes, flukes in the data will produce a localized spike like this.  If you look at the overall picture, the trend is for lighter rain (up to 1") north of the Ohio River, with heavier (1-2") likely south of the Ohio River for the Saturday-Sunday time period.


 The river stage and forecast data is still on track for crests on the Wabash early next week.  If the heavier rain should stray farther north, we'll have to revise these numbers, but right now the River Forecast Center is standing pat on this forecast


The good news here is that no severe weather is in the picture, although some thunder may be heard over western Kentucky on Saturday.  Might be a good weekend to do some indoor spring cleaning !