Gov. Pence signs bill aimed to help veteran owned small businesses

Indiana governor mike pence signed a new bill today, SEA 564, requiring the state to give veteran owned small businesses a preference when awarding contracts.

The bill makes it a requirement for state offices to award at least three percent of their contracts to veteran owned small businesses.

Onsite OHS owner and veteran Kyle Johnson is not only a small business owner but 42 percent of his employees are veterans as well.

Johnson has a total of about 300 employees in seven countries and says many are "Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom veterans.

This new bill he says may encourage veterans to start their own business.

"So many of our veterans now coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, don't have the ability to get a job, it gives them an opportunity to maybe start a small business and make a difference when they can't find another job," said Johnson. "We've got a lot of marketable skills, that the public and the government can benefit from," he said.

The bill will also help veteran owned small businesses through the bidding procedures and contract terms to increase their chances of participating.