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McLean Co. students learn the dangers of driving under the influence

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High school students in McLean County who are prepping for prom season saw what could happen with one poor decision.

Students at McLean County High School got a realistic look into what one or two beers can do to an entire community.

The program is called Ghost Out and it's aimed at addressing the aftermath of drug and alcohol abuse combined with motor vehicles. Area emergency response unites make this as real as it can be.

"If a picture's worth a thousand words, then we just gave them a video," says Corey King.

15 victims are randomly chosen to represent the average number of people killed in alcohol or drug related crashes during each school day.

"It really broke my heart to see that could happen to her and to other students in the school," says Allyson Sams.

The 15 students involved in this wreck will not travel to McLean County Courthouse and Owensboro Health to see what the aftermath of an accident like this can cause.

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