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62-year-old Tell City man speaks about what he saw at Boston


Among the thousands who ran in the 2013 Boston Marathon was a man from Tell City.

Don Knieriem was just another runner who had just completed the race right before the explosions happened. Obviously it was a very terrifying situation but during the ordeal, Knieriem says he saw the best of the Boston community.

"I feel very lucky," says 62-year-old Knieriem, who has run 13 marathons.

He's run the Boston Marathon four separate times, but this is the most memorable.

"We came across the finish line and they said it was three-hours-and-59-minutes, and at four-hours-nine-seconds, the bomb went off," says Knieriem. "We all turned around."

Knieriem saw the second blast and watched as police and others rushed toward the chaos. Knieriem then made his way to a nearby park.

"They were locking everything down and they did something I've never seen before," says Knieriem. "They even locked the portable bathrooms down, all but two of them."

He says police immediately set-up a perimeter extending a mile out in every direction. While he waited for his son-in-law to find him, nearby churches and business offered to help.

"I didn't have a phone on me," he says. "A volunteer let me use her phone. Churches opened up, restaurants took a lot of the runners in and fed them."

Eventually he made it to his hotel safe and sound but this may have been his last marathon experience and hopes this act of terrorism won't stop others from running.

"That's what they're wanting us to do," he says. "Not to go back, and I don't want to see that."

Knieriem says his family was in Boston at the time as well and that he was relieved to find out they were all safe. He also says he thoughts and prayers are with the victims that are still in the hospital.

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