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Daviess Co. student leads teachers and police officers on a chase

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Authorities in Owensboro tell us a middle school student cut class and took school officials and law enforcement on quite a foot chase.

Daviess County Public Schools says that a student and two staff members were out doing an outdoor activity when all of a sudden the student just took off. The student climbed a fence behind the school and ran down the river bank.

The school says that staff tried getting the student to come back.

"One of our assistant principals went over the fence to try to bring him back but immediately he needed to call the police to get involved," says Owen Saylor, Daviess Co. Public School Superintendent.

The Daviess Co. Sheriff's office, Owensboro Police Department, and Fire Department all responded and one deputy slipped and fell into the Ohio River and was taken to the emergency room to be checked out.

The Sheriff's office says the student entered into an intake cistern and followed it until he was able to climb out to a manhole cover on E. 4th Street and then headed west.

OPD eventually caught up with the student a few blocks later at Battery Headquarters.

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