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Voting on gasification plant taking place on Friday


Indiana lawmakers are putting the finishing touches on Senate Bill 510 that will decide the fate of the $3-billion gasification plant in Rockport, Indiana.

A joint house and senate committee implemented on Thursday morning and it could put an even tougher strain on this project.

Indiana Gasification Representative Mike Murphy says under the latest legislation, the deal would be further reviewed by the Indiana utility regulatory commission. If the measure passes on Friday in both chambers, Murphy says it could tack on another nine months of review to a project that has already seen 18-months of review.

Murphy also says even though this measure would not officially kill the project but it is very likely the plant's investors and developers will back out of the project entirely since their patience is wearing thin.

"If it gets dragged on, investors will not finance the project," says Murphy. "Private capital goes where it's welcomed. There are other states who would love to have 2,000 jobs and $3-billion in direct investments."

It is possible the senate and house won't vote in this measure until Monday, but Murphy says it is likely a vote will be held on Friday. 14 News will let you know more as soon as we know.

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