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Tip leads Ohio Co. authorities to stolen property

A tip leads investigators in Ohio County to a treasure trove of suspected stolen property.

"It's a job like none other," said Ohio Co. Sheriff's Deputy Keith Harrell. "I enjoy coming in and putting the outfit on everyday."

And days like Wednesday are the really good ones for Deputy Harrell.

Everything found was in a storage building, and Harrell thinks all of this evidence will help solve a recent burglary.

This crime was especially important for deputies because of what was reportedly stolen.

"The guns they had stolen from out of the residence and along with some precious jewelry, and computers, but the main point of interest was the weapons," Deputy Harrell said. "We don't want guns out there that we're not aware of."

Last week, Deputy Harrell received a call from a neighbor that led to the names of possible teenagers who were involved in a recent break in. The Sheriff's Office interviewed the teens and were able to find $10,000 worth of items from the burglary.

"Several guns of course being taken off the street. Potentially, all of these could be used in bad ways," said Ohio Co. Chief Deputy Steve Kimble.

The Sheriff's Office says the investigation is still on going, but four teens and one adult will likely be charged with burglary and other theft related charges.

Chief Deputy Kimble says the combination of good detective work and help from the public allowed the Sheriff's Office to find the stolen property and get the stolen guns off the street.

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