The bright side

Well,that was a bit of an unpleasant end to an otherwise lovely (more or less)day.  At 6pm, we were out in the field covering a story in Mt. Vernon andhad to send our video back through an editing system.  We should have hadplenty of time to make this happen, but ran into an issue that set usback.  So, instead of being the first story to air, we had to be moveddown a little bit.  It is not an ideal situation, but the hope is thateverything went smoothly enough that viewers wouldn't know what went wrong! :)

Tokeep myself from being stressed and angry on the ride home from Mt. Vernon(which is what we're doing now, I'm typing in the passenger seat of the livetruck), I'm instead going to focus on the positives of the day.

First,it stopped raining before we really had to spend time outside.  HUGEplus.  Secondly, I was able to work with a photographer today.  Thatespecially came in handy as we were knocking on doors in a mobilehome community while following up on an armed robbery.  I'vesaid it once, I've said it a thousand times: knocking on doors is not all thatenjoyable.  Having someone with you makes it better. :)

Perhapsthe best part of the day, though, was lunch!  We were able to actually sitdown and eat a real lunch at one of my favorite places (definitely my favoritein Mt. Vernon), Hawg 'n Sauce.  My baked potato with bacon and pulled porkwas glorious!!! Even got a hot pink souvenir t-shirt to take home... and trustme, I will wear it!

It'sa good thing I was able to get such great fuel, because today is going to turninto a pretty long one.  I was in early to cover a meeting at 8am (which,as it turns out, didn't even end up being anything we put on the news today),and I'll undoubtedly be at work past 7pm.  That's because when we getback, I still need to write an additional story for the 10pm news!

Alright,well, that's all for now.  It's never fun to have producers upset withyou, which is likely what we will be dealing with when we arrive back at thestation.  But, at the end of the day, it's just TV.  Tomorrow I'll beback at it again.

Hopeyou're all well, thanks for checking in...

Untilnext time,


P.S. Tomorrow I'll have to tell you about my visits to Plaza & Mt. Vernon Jr. HSyesterday!  It was a good day!! :)

P.P.S.  True story, we just had a guy pullup next to us on 62 on our way back to the station holding up a piece of paperwith a phone number on it and asking us to call him.  Photographer Andydid, I was a little weirded out!  He was asking about another story we'dheard about earlier this week.  A strange way of talking to us, but hey, Iguess it worked.  Ha!