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Stolen iPad leads police to burglary suspects

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Tyler Breckling. Tyler Breckling.
Richard Smith. Richard Smith.

Police were able to track down several burglary suspects using a tracking device on an iPad in Dubois County. 

A couple of homes were burglarized a couple of weeks ago just off of St. James Street in Jasper. However, police say the thieves in this case were tracked down afterward, thanks to some handy iPad technology.

Police say 20 year-olds Tyler Breckling and Richard Smith, and 22 year-old Corey Stedman were arrested.

Around 4:00 in the morning, on April 12, Jill Wigand says the suspects walked right into her home through the unlocked front door.

"We kind of heard something and just kind of dismissed it as the dog. We didn't talk about it or anything," Wigand said.

But the next morning, Wigand and her husband woke up to find someone had been in their home. Money was missing, as well as Wigand's iPad.

"My husband said, 'Well, I have a tracker.' So, he called his brother-in-law who is into computers and he plugged in all that information in. Then I think the cops went over to his house and watched," Wigand said.

Using Apple's Find My iPad Tool, Wigand's family, and the police, tracked the iPad to Normal, Illinois, which is 240 miles away.

"We contacted the police department in Illinois. They sent an officer out to where we thought the location of the device was," Jasper Police Chief Mike Bennett said. 

Sure enough, Police in Normal found the iPad inside of the suspects' car. Police then found out these men were all members of the band, This Dream We Speak, and that they were wanted for committing similar burglaries in Illinois.

"The more technology is available to police departments, this is just one of the tools that we can use," Chief Bennett said.

Chief Bennett said all the suspects in this case are still being held in McLean County, Illinois, and that we won't know exactly what motivated them to commit these burglaries until they're brought back here. 

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