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Posey Co. students taking advantage of new classroom technology

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There's new technology available in some Posey County classrooms.

Several schools in the Metropolitan School District of Mt. Vernon now have Activ-Tables. They're basically 47-inch iPads that can be used by up to six students at a time.

Marrs Elementary School Stem Academy recently received six of the tables, one for each grade level.

A teacher says they bring another element to the classroom for kids to think outside the box, and so far they're a hit. 

"They love it. Anytime you can get kids doing new technology, changing up how you're doing classroom activities, they're all for it," Marrs 5th grade teacher, Craig Prindle said. "They could probably do more on this than I can. It's just like with the iPads, anything that's technology, they pick up on right away and they just go with it."

The principal at Marrs says the Activ-Tables cost about $8,000. Money, he says, is well spent. 

In the EVSC, Glenwood Leadership Academy also has this technology.

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