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Funding to fix county roads could be drastically cut with Ind. bill

All eyes are on Indianapolis where funding to fix and pave roads in Vanderburgh County could be drastically cut if lawmakers pass a new highway funding bill. 

The highway department's paving plan was pulled from the county commission agenda for Tuesday night.
That means potential delays to road projects across the county.

Department Superintendent Mike Duckworth says there are two versions of House Bill 1001. The Senate's requires an excise tax-rate of at least 50 percent. The county's current rate is only 20 percent.
With revenues already down and costs going up, Duckworth says next year's deficit could reach $900,000.

"We held back $350,000 to put into this year's budget so we wouldn't have to lay people off. It's not getting any better," Duckworth said. "This would have some impact on the city as well. I've talked to the mayor about it. They all understand what we're looking at."

Duckworth says the decision could impact funding for snow removal, road salt, bridges, and other repairs.

Lawmakers are expected to vote before this session ends next Tuesday.

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