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3 inspiring men, 50 marathons, 50 states, 50 weeks

Three men say they've challenged themselves to complete 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 weeks. 

Paul, Aaron and Grant have already completed 15 marathons this year. You're probably thinking about how sore their legs are, but it's their arms that do the work.

All three are paralyzed and compete in hand cycling.

"26.2, here we come," Aaron Roux said.

Aaron, a Marine Corp veteran, hears a familiar voice early every morning

"We got miles to do, get up," Aaron said.

Aaron says one of his racing partners, Grant Berthiaume, gets him moving. 

Aaron, Grant and Paul Erway are the first hand cycling team aiming to complete 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 weeks. They agree that it's about pushing the limits. 

"It's great having these goals, these challenges, something to shoot for. That's what keeps you going. That's what life is about, is having something to shoot for," Paul said.

From Salt Lake City to Boston to Japan, the trio has experienced sweltering heat and near freezing temperatures. They joke about even nearly missing one race, rolling up just in the knick of time.  

"Hey, I'm just coming up to the top of the hill and I'm like, 'Hey there's two more,' and so I'm like, 'Paul, come on he's going to keep it on,'" Aaron said.

The trio completed the Boston Marathon in just over two hours. They were already on a flight home when the explosions rocked the finish line. 

"We really didn't even know until we landed in Detroit, and we were able to turn our phones back on and found out there was a bomb at the finish and it was so devastating," Paul said.

Proud of his medal, Paul doesn't celebrate his completion. He says he rather quietly remember those who were injured and killed in Boston.

He says he hopes to see some of the amputees in the hand cycle at Boston next year. He says he lives by a little advice he once received. 

"The more people you can help, the more you will be blessed," Paul shared.

In November, the trio will be competing in the Philadelphia Marathon and the Las Vegas Marathon, in the same day.

If you'd like to track their progress and learn more about the cause, the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, click here.

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