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High school students get behind the wheel for driving safety

On Tuesday, high school teenagers learned how to be safe drivers under unsafe circumstances. 

They participated in a variety of driving activities that were designed to prepare them for the hazards that they may face when they are behind the wheel. 

The students drove on narrow lanes, they made abrupt turns, and they even navigated through cones while wearing DUI goggles.

Eva Traylor, a high school sophomore, thought that the driving stations were both exciting and difficult.

"We would be driving and we would be really close to a left or a right. The instructor would say, ‘Right!' and you would have to put your foot on the brake and then swerve and go right. Then you would have to go straight back to the center," said Traylor.

The driving activities were made possible by a multitude of donations. The golf carts were lent to the event by the Equipment Connection, the cars were from by the Behind the Wheel Driving Academy, and the free products were given to the students by Lefler Collision and Glass. 

It was a community effort but it proved to be a rewarding one for everyone involved.

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