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Moon & Clouds Dim Meteor Shower

I've gotten several questions the last few days on the Lyrid meteor shower. Viewers have asked me when they can watch it. Here is my answer: It's going to be tough viewing this year due to the nearly full Moon which is nearly 95% full at this writing.

 Also, there will be clouds in the way tonight due to rain and thunderstorms.

You might have a chance early on Thursday if you look to the northeast just before dawn...but I think it will be difficult due to the Full Moon... plus peak viewing was early on Monday morning.

If you don't mind watching online, NASA has set up a live camera that will be broadcasting the Meteor show... Just click on this sentence to bookmark that page.

 Before I let you go, check out this cool pic from Adam Gerdes from New Haven, Missouri.  


Hopefully, you got a good look at Jupiter right next to the Moon last week.


This is a picture I captured just after sunset on Sunday, April 14.

Hopefully...better viewing next year.




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