Sun Party Over

April 23, 2013

Clouds and Rain Moving In

Rain chances will pick up tonight and run into early Wednesday before tapering off by the midday hour.  Temps will retreat to the mid 60's for the remainder of the week, with more showers and thunderstorms arriving on Friday and Saturday.  Byron has the details on Sunrise.

Canada Plot

Iran is denying any link with two suspects charged with plotting a terrorist attack against a Canadian passenger train.

Boston Latest

More is emerging about the criminal case against the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Massive Cancer Study

Cancer is a tough fight, and researchers are looking for thousands of people to help battle the disease.  It's a massive study by the Cancer Society, which is taking samples of 300-thousand people, and for the next few days, they'll be in town looking for help.  Nicole is live with how you can get involved.

Crime Victims Rally

Owensboro is coming together to support crime victims on their roads to recovery later today. Alyssa Hansen has the details.

Beth is Back

Beth Sweeney is back from her exotic vacation and will restore some order to the program.  So we hope to see you on Sunrise.

Have a great day.


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