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Law enforcement relying on social media to help solve crime

Law enforcement are saying that cell phones and social media are helping them solve crimes.

"If you hear something, don't think, oh the police must know about it. Contact us," says Officer Jennifer Richmond with the Henderson Police Department.

A witness overheard threats made toward Henderson County High School and snapped a picture of the suspect and did the same thing many people did during the Boston Marathon, sharing pictures with law enforcement.

Suspects in both of those cases were located and local law enforcement are thanking technology.

Trooper Corey King says KSP asks for the public's help solving robbery cases or other crimes on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

"Within minutes, we're getting pretty credible information," says King.

He says each KSP post has an intelligence officer on-site and detectives are trained in using computers to help locate suspects in child pornography cases and crimes dealing with social media.

"When people can print out the information and give it to us prior our arrival, it's a great help," says Richmond.

She also says Henderson Police have a growing knowledge of social media crimes-solving. She tells 14 News Henderson County Sheriff's Office has a trained staff member who works with analyzing computer data and that local law enforcement work with state police too.

Officials say the most important thing to remember is if you see something suspicious, don't be afraid to report it whether you're using photos or social media or just making a phone call to police.

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