We matched!

Wow!  Time to get going!  It's after 6pm, and I'm still here from my Sunrise shift!  Yikes!  Now, to be fair, I DID take an hour lunch break this morning and then was kind of a slow poke about getting my story done, so part of it is my fault. J  That being said, I'm looking forward to a few hours on the couch tonight! :)

Sunrise was a great time, as usual.  Dan and I decided to take a picture since we color coordinated with the blue and yellow.  This was, of course, unplanned, but well-executed, if I do say so myself! :)

Tomorrow you won't see me at all on the news.  I'm taking the day off to visit a couple of schools and talk to the kiddos about life in TV land!  I hope they don't have any questions that stump me.  I've been trying to wrack my brain and think of anyone famous I've interviewed (because I can almost guarantee they will ask), but I'm not coming up with much so far.  Ha!

In the morning I'm heading to Plaza, where my mom teaches.  I haven't been to her classroom in years and years.  Then, to Mt. Vernon HS in the afternoon.  Wish me luck!  I feel like it can be tough to impress teenagers, so hopefully I succeed!

Hope it's been a good Monday for everyone!

Until next time,