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Speaking to Boston

Faisal AlHumaidan, President of the Saudi Student Organization Faisal AlHumaidan, President of the Saudi Student Organization

A religious connection gave students at the University of Evansville an added reason to show their support for the victims of the Boston Marathon. 

The video, entitled Thoughts and Prayers from Evansville to Boston, was created by the Saudi Student Organization, an entirely Muslim group.  It spoke directly to the city of Boston and it was a gesture that came from the heart.  The students featured in the video shared their feelings and expressed their condolences to each and every individual who was affected by the tragedy.

Faisal AlHumaidan, who is the president of the Saudi Student Organization, was the inspiration behind the video.

"We wanted to get a multicultural video that can put all of our hearts together," said AlHumaidan, "sending prayers to the victims' families in Boston."

The video has not received many responses yet but AlHumaidan hopes that it will encourage the victims to remain strong in the midst of this recovery period. 

To watch the full video, click here.

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