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Warrick Co. deputies now carrying AR-15s

Warrick County Sheriffs Deputies are learning about a new weapon in their war on crime: AR-15s.

Just about every road patrol unit will carry one.

The Warrick County Sheriff's Office has used rifles in patrol unites for about seven years, but in light of recent violent events more road patrol deputies are opting to get trained on the weapon as well.

Deputies just acquiring an AR-15 are training for hours learning all the intricacies of the weapon and training for worst case scenarios: shooting while moving, at a moving target, and running out of ammunition

"It's just important to have them available to officers in case there is a situation where they need something a little more long ranged than 50-yards," says Sheriff Brett Kruse. "They train with the rifles up to 100-yard shots and with the handguns the furthest we qualify them is 25-yards."

Every deputy carrying an AR-15 is required hours of training each year, shooting thousands of rounds of ammunition and deputies believe just having the weapon available may help deter crime.

"If people know that we've got the capability to stop aggressive action, they are less likely to do it," says Lt. Paul Weinzapfel.

The department will soon be receiving 32 rifles.

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