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Henderson County High School expected to go back to normal on Tuesday after bomb threat

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Security was extra tight Monday morning at Henderson County High School after police made an arrest on Sunday night after a bystander heard threats to bomb the school.

20-year-old Brenden Mathis is being charged with terroristic threatening when police say he was allegedly overheard at a restaurant making comments about putting explosives inside of the school.

It may look like just another normal day at school, but if you look closer you'll notice police cars parked nearby on the parking lot, and in the grass.

While the suspect is behind bars, the threat is still fresh in students minds.

"It's scary because all of the stuff that has been happening like in Texas and Boston," says senior Nicole Norman.

"There's a bunch of people not coming to school today," says senior Sarah Ward.

Sophomore Matt Cartwright says it's not uncommon to hear students say things in anger.

"It does happen quite a bit," says Cartwright. "People who say 'I hate this school, why doesn't it just catch on fire,' people say that, but they never do it."

Danielle Crafton with Henderson Public Schools says they want to make it clear that threats, no more than ever, will be taken seriously.

"As a school district, you have to think about things that if something like this were to occur and that's why we have these policies and procedures in place for reasons like this," says Crafton. "We don't want to have to think that way, but we have to."

Crafton says staff are being briefed on how to talk to students and says that unless police find a reason to be suspicious, things will go back to normal on Tuesday with just a school resource officer on duty.

"I'm not afraid to go to school, you just never know what's going to happen," says Ward.

Mathis is expected to be in court on tomorrow.

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