A look at rising rivers and thunderstorm threats for the Tri-State

A typical spring week ahead for the Tri-State:  Warm temps, scattered thunderstorms, then cooler temps.  While the week will be active, the severe threat appears to be minimal, at least through Wednesday.  Here is a look at the surface map.  Notice the cold front to our northwest that will sweep in on Tuesday night and trigger a few thunderstorms.


 The SPC has the Tri-State with just general thunderstorms.  The "See Text" means that some of the storms may pulse up and produce large hail.  The timing will be critical for those, and it looks like the Tri-State will be a little too far east of the optimal heating/moisture.

More rain will move in on Tuesday evening and continue through Wednesday.  Here is the model forecast for rainfall for the next 48 hours across the Tri-State:


The additional rainfall will cause rising rivers to continue their flooding, at least through the weekend.  The Wabash, White and Little Wabash will have the greatest impact.  Ohio River levels will be high, but generally below flood stage at all locations.


Here is the temperature profile through Wednesday…you can see the big dip in temps once the cold front clears the area.  No frost or freezing temps, but just cold enough you'll need a sweatshirt or jacket if you are out and about on Wednesday & Thursday.