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Evansville runners run a mile for Boston

In Evansville, a show of support for those who didn't get to finish the Boston Marathon. A group of local runners gathered at Central High School Sunday, to show their support by running.

The organizer of Sunday's "Run for Boston" event says she got the idea from the Facebook page "Run for Boston." It encouraged people nationwide to run one mile on Sunday at 1:50 p.m.

"Symbolically, for the twenty-sixth mile, the last mile of the marathon that so many people couldn't finish," said Brooke Hickrod, Organizer, Run for Boston.

The 1:50 p.m. start time of that run to remember those who experienced the bombing at the Boston Marathon just before two o'clock last Monday.

About a dozen Evansville runners met at Central High School Sunday afternoon, running a one-mile course around the school.

"I was in shock," said Rusty Williams, participated in run.

Runner Rusty Williams says he heard the news of the Boston attack on his way to work last Monday. He tells us one of his friends ran in the marathon and thankfully was finished well before the bombing.

Rusty says he's been participating in running events for a few years and isn't about to stop now.

"Whatever happens, happens," said Rusty. "There isn't a lot you can, I'm not going to sit around looking over my shoulder all the time."

Run for Boston organizer Brooke Hickrod says Sunday's event helps show just how united our country is.

"Runners are a pretty hardy group and we're hard to get down," said Hickrod.

"We support every city no matter what," said Lisa Anderson, participated in run.

Rusty, offering some advice to aspiring runners.

"Don't let what happened there affect your motivation and stuff because you've got to just keep going," he said.

A couple of the runners I talked with today say they already have plans to run some half marathons later this year. 

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