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Vanderburgh Co. residents worried about sinkholes forming in backyard

Some neighbors in Vandeburgh County are getting a sinking feeling.

Holes are forming in the ground behind their homes and they want to know why.

"I'm concerned about my children's safety," says Nicole Gibbs. "I'm really worried about that and my animals."

The problems are only growing deeper behind Gibbs' Vanderburgh County home.

"It just looked like someone had dug a hole," says Gibbs. "Now, it is massive."

Since moving in 2008, a handful of sinkholes have opened up along an apparent sewer line.

Not only in Gibbs' backyard, but in her neighbor's too and only feet from where her children play outside.

"It's scary," says Gibbs. "Could they collapse at any moment? Could my child just fall in?"

Allen Mounts with the Water and Sewer Utility says the problem is a private storm sewer line located just below the county's sanitary sewer line.

He says it's collapsed causing the water to eat away at the ground around it but since the storm sewer is not under county maintenance, it will be the homeowner's responsibility.

"They said it's our problem, that it's not the county nor the city's problem," says Mounts. "That we will have to hire a contractor."

Mounts says Gibbs can take this up with county commissioners and in the meantime they family says the project would cost thousands of dollars they don't have so they're planning to put up a fence to keep their kids away from the holes.

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