Different kind of day

Ok, well.  First, my story was "killed" from the show (meaning cut), then a few minutes later it was brought back to life.  Special national reports mean a lot of changes for us on the local level.  Sometimes we have to cut a lot of content people worked hard putting together, which is a bummer.  I'm glad my story was able to run.  I'm hoping a lot of the students/teachers at South Spencer High School were able to catch the story and see themselves!

The students there organize an annual carnival.  Proceeds from ticket sales are then given back to peers in need.  One year, they used it to build a ramp for a student who had been in a motorcycle accident.  Another time, money went to a student who lost his home in a fire.  They had a LOT going on in the gym- it looked like fun!  (Well, really, it was fun.  I tried my hand at the football toss after giving some of the students a hard time about not hitting the target.  Then, I was 0-5.  Ha, that shut me up!)

High schoolers and faculty/staff run the carnival, and then everyone who is not helping can come play the games and eat the food they have.  The middle schoolers come over, too.  They're hoping to raise at least $1500 or so this year!  Hope they meet that goal!

That ended up being the only story I worked on today.  I didn't come in until about noon because I'll be working for a while on Sunday.  Have to watch that overtime! :)

Well, I'm off.  Getting out of here before 6pm is a rarity, for SURE.

Until next time,