Posey Co: 10 people charged for failing to pay Wabash Bridge Toll

Since announcing his office would be prosecuting toll violators, Posey County Prosecutor Travis Clowers tells 14 News his office charged 10 people.

He has also received several envelopes from people who have crossed and failed to pay once or twice.

Clowers says his office has been sending those envelopes back to people.

He says if someone owes just a few dollars, they should send that money to the Department of Transportation.

If you're one of those people, don't worry, his office is not after you.

The prosecutor is only going after habitual violators who have raised hundreds of dollars in fines and refuse to pay.

"My office's main focus will continue to be on violent crime and drug crimes, but just like anything in our society we have to follow the rules, and this was a recurring problem for some people," says Clowers.

Clowers says his office will continue to follow up with INDOT and find people who continue to disobey the law and aren't paying up.