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Sidewalk Repairs in Downtown Evansville

JBI Construction workers can be seen scattered throughout downtown Evansville diligently repairing the city's sidewalks.

The city received two separate contracts, which total one million dollars.  

The money is being used to fix the sidewalks in more than one hundred city locations. 

The construction began at the end of last year but, due to the cold weather, it had been postponed until now. 

The repairs are back in full swing and, according to Patrick Keepes, an Evansville chief engineer, the residents are excited about it.

"We've been getting a lot of good feedback," said Keepes. "The sidewalks are obviously something that mean a lot to folks and there is a great need out there. The folks that we've heard from have been very appreciative of the work that we've been doing."

The contracts state that the repairs must be completed by July.

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