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Morning boot camp instructor and students run for Boston victims

Days after an act of brutality tore people apart 1,000 miles away, an act of solidarity is bringing them together without a word.

"It is very poignant," says Michelle Thomas, who coordinated this event. "We don't have many opportunities in this crazy world that we're in to be silent. When you do become silent and nobody speaks any words, there's something that transcends that moment that words can't speak and there's an emotion that kind of floods into that."

With the flag as their guide, the group three laps around the track, one for each victim killed.

"It was intriguing," says Jack Schriber. "It was creepy and beautiful all at the same time because all you could hear was the crunch of the gravel and the whipping of the flag and the wind blowing. It was very eerie."

The idea came to Thomas, who leads a weekly morning boot camp.

"To not acknowledge it was just not an option," says Thomas.

"I think the story that people don't ever look at when they see a tragedy like this, especially with the United States is how people work together right in the midst of all the confusion," says Schriber. "You saw people turn around and go back and help one another. That's when we're at our very best. I wish other people around the world could see that."

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