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Clouds provide clues to the coming severe weather

With storms firing during the heat of the day this is the first good storm chasing day since last August. Check out this picture I took at that time... just before Severe Weather slammed Oakland City. Do you know what these clouds tell me?


Storm clues sometimes arrive 1-2 days in advance of severe weather. For example, the towering cumulus clouds....

...I captured during my school visit at Yankeetown Elementary on Wednesday. The clouds were climbing during the heat of the day but lacked wind shear...which cut back down on the severe weather threat.  

These clouds eased during the evening but provided some clues on what is in the offing with the moderate risk for severe weather today. The storm environment in advance of the main line of storms is becoming very unstable.

Mammatus clouds...

...have been spotted this week too.  While mammatus clouds may be associated with severe weather, they do not produce severe weather themselves. However, they are often spotted near tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. 

These clouds form when sinking air and ice from the top of cumulonimbus cloud....fall rapidly.  Do you remember the movie Twister? I saw these clouds in abundance before the Henderson County tornado in 2004. I will be looking for these clouds again this afternoon.

Just a reminder...when I storm chase...I  do not put myself in harms way (and neither should you).



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