Local runners pay tribute to victims of Boston Marathon

As we continue to mourn the loss of the victims in Boston, some are finding unique ways to honor and remember them.

Participants of a boot camp class at the Dunigan YMCA decided to pay show their support Thursday morning by running.

A group of about 30 or more people ran out onto the outdoor track carrying an American flag.

They ran a mile in silence, while passing the flag among themselves.

"It is very poignant," says Michelle Thomas, instructor of the class. "We don't have many opportunities in this crazy world that we're in to be silent. When you do become silent and nobody speaks any words, there's something that transcends that moment that words can't speak. And there's an emotion that kind of floods into that."

A mile around the track came out to three laps, which was also symbolic of the three people who died in the bombing Monday.

"It was intriguing. It was creepy and beautiful all at the same time because all you could hear was the crunch of the gravel and the whipping of the flag and the wind blowing. It was very eerie," says Jack Schriber, who ran with the group.

This was not the first time the class did a tribute time.

They originally did a similar run spur-of-the-moment on Tuesday morning.

Some people who saw the run, were so touched by it and asked if they could participate in a similar run today.

Schriber was one of them.

"I think the story that people don't ever look at when they see tragedy like this, especially with the united states is how people work together right in the midst of all the confusion. You saw people turn around and turn around and go back and help one another. And that's when we're at our very best. I wish other people around the world could see that," says Schriber.

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